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Hang gliding was superb!

“THANKS A MILLION FELLAS”… an email from UK Steve

Hi Chris,

Just a quick, albeit belated, message to say how much I enjoyed my tandem flight on Friday. After all those early morning calls in the preceding days, I have to say it was well worth it!!

Although a little apprehensive prior to the flight (which was not helped by the disclaimer stuff!!!!!) this soon disappeared as we assembled the hang glider and got chatting, due to professional approach of your team.

I found it surprising really, but at no time was I scared – the take-off was literally a walk in the park, or I supposed more accurately a walk OFF the park, and then all of a sudden, we were soaring.

The biggest difference to anything I have done before was the fact that there was nothing beneath me – in aircraft and buildings you have the floor, and also cannot look straight down – hang gliding was superb!!!

I did the bridge climb last time I was in Australia, and I thought that was brilliant, but the tandem hang glide was unbelievable – the best thing I have EVER done on holiday, I have to say!!

Just to top off a perfect last day in Australia, when my flight from Sydney departed, we flew towards Stanwell Park, and I could see Bald Hill, the hang gliders and the beach for a final goodbye – although of course I was at a slightly higher altitude than on the hang glider!!!!

So, thanks again for an absolutely superb experience, and I will give you another call when I visit again, that is for certain!

Cheers, all the best,
UK Steve

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